Actors, Props and Locations


For my actors I used two experienced models who have featured in Jersey’s Gallery Magazine and other professional gigs such as the female has featured in a Vevo music video.




I used props that related to my characters rich life style with lavish items such as wine and poker chips, but I also used dangerous items, such as guns and drugs to show the dark side to an overly rich person. I also like this theme of red and black so I filmed the actress intensely putting on red lipstick.


For my location I used a friends studio with state of the art equipment which was very useful.


Final Film


For my last edit I added LS Productions ident. I also added extra background sounds such as pouring wine and cocking a pistol. I changed the title at the end from simultaneously appearing to the Dirty when the song plays “run me like a” and Lies when we hear “river” to create a more dramatic effect.


I have decided for my film opening to create a title sequence including a series of quick shots of people doing actions for example someone clicking their finger and then it changing to someone firing a gun. I will use a studio and probably only two actors: female and male. I will be using props that will hint crime such as guns, drugs, poker chips e.t.c.